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Penstocks rupture prevention and increasing efficiency of hydro power plant production


MOTRHYS develops softwares for data analysis-oriented real-time and continuous surveillance.

MOTRHYS has a double level expertise: long experience in field testing-oriented diagnosis and a strong academic research achievements in signal analysis.

Penstocks pressure monitoring

HYDROSURGE software provided by MOTRHYS is a major innovation for penstocks safety

Thanks to HYDROSURGE, it is now possible to perform the mass processing of pressure data measured during each hydraulic events occurring in hydraulic power plant. From each transient captured, HYDROSURGE algorithms perform a synthetic and real time diagnosis to extract the only essential information for decision making: All indicators are they green? Or, would it be necessary to keep a close look to a detected particular issue ? The results of the analysis can be integrated into the preventive maintenance plan of the whole hydro system. Thereby enabling the owner to secure a sustained improvement in operating safety of his assets.

At a practical level, HYDROSURGE is the solution to eradicate penstocks rupture due to pressure transients.

HYDROSURGE is a powerful and low cost tool to control phenomena which had never been continuously monitored before.

Ultrasonic flow metering

MOTRHYS provides innovative data processing dedicated to non intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement. Wherever the conditions for ultrasonic flow metering are not fulfilled, data processing with our software ABIUS brings a solution. As is the case where the clamp-on sensors are close to pipe system singularities. Or in case of non-stationary flow with rapidly changing conditions.