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Audit and continuous monitoring of penstock pressure

  •  Audit

An audit is a measurement phase allowing to quantify the maximun pressure level reached along the penstock during operation.

To achieve this audit, the HYDROSURGE solution can be implemented by MOTRHYS for a temporary period (few months). These audit phases allow the following results:

  • Real pressure surges quantification before and after rehabilitation, or before and after power increase of the turbine. The objective of this audit is to demonstrate that no negative over pressure side effect is generated after the rehabilitation.
  • Annual monitoring actions allowing to measure the pressure surges in the penstock over time. Thus, enabling a real control of the risk factor due to pressure.

The installed onsite solution includes a pressure sensor (positioned at the downstream end of the penstock) and a transient recorder. The data collected by the transient recorder are processed after the surveillance period (1 month to 3 months).

Thanks to HYDROSURGE software, the surveillance or audit report delivered by MOTRHYS includes the following information :

  • Pressure estimation : (Maximum pressure reached in each section of the penstock).  see ODM
  • Surge statistics: This point concerns  the classification of the transient events observed according to phenomena involved. Mass water hammering, propagating water hammering,  resonance and cavitation phenomena are classified. This provides results such as  extreme values of the piezometric line along the penstock, duration and form of amortization of the damping envelope for self sustained  events …
  • Hydro Diagnosis: Analysis of the hydraulic severity of the extreme behaviors encountered during the audit/surveillance period> see ODM
  • Hydro Consulting: Proposition of corrective actions allowing to reduce the severity of the extreme behaviors encountered> see RCM

  • Continuous monitoring

HYDROSURGE software allows the easy continuous monitoring of all significant rapid changes in the penstock internal pressure. Thus providing the best way to ensure safety in operation by a new « safety-oriented predictive maintenance » of all involved systems .

The HYDROSURGE monitoring need only one pressure sensor on downstream end of the penstock. The HYDROSURGE software solution provides real-time meaningful pressure surge statistics associated with transient behaviours. These figures are key data for assessing the penstock structure overload risk over the whole length. This information can be readily integrated with the plant SCADA system. Thus, allowing the predictive maintenance of the penstock and associated elements (valves, manifolds, turbine…)

For plants not equipped with a SCADA system, the HYDROSURGE stand-alone is the solution. This option features a root cause module (RCM) allowing pointing to the equipment requiring maintenance or re-tuning.

If you require further information about any of our penstock monitoring solutions please do get in touch.