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MOTRHYS provides innovative data processing dedicated to non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement. Wherever the conditions for ultrasonic flow metering are not fulfilled, data processing with our software ABIUS brings a solution. Ultrasonic monitoring of flow in challenging installations becomes possible: pipe system singularities, non-stationary flow with rapidly changing conditions, cavitation bubbles, solid transport…

Ultrasonic flow speed metering in non-stationary conditions

MOTRHYS proposes an innovative and unique service as a key part of the monitoring of hydro equipment.

Application fields:

  • ABIUS software can be easily connected with existing acoustic flow metering systems to extend their range of performing as well as to increase their accuracy in in-stationary conditions. This software integration will contribute to reducing considerably the cost of flow metering processes. The innovative signal processing of MOTRHYS allows using clamp-on sensors to both calculate the average speed and the associated speed profile. The average speed is calculated by using  time of flight method. And the speed profile is defined by using Doppler effect from a multi-sensor configuration.
  • Measurements in non stationary conditions: close to inlet/outlet sections of hydraulic machines.

If you require further information about any of our flow speed metering solutions please do get in touch.