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Penstock condition monitoring - HYDROSURGE softwareWith HYDROSURGE, don’t risk anymore to lose control of transient regimes.

The admissible penstock pressure is calculated during the design stage in order to fix the safety margin between the over pressure level in operation and the risk of structural damage.

The only way to audit this safety margin is to trigger emergency stops. These tests are usually conducted to check that the maximum pressure in service does not exceed the design value. If an overrun of the admissible threshold is detected, additional tests have to be performed to diagnose and to correct the problem.

But these tests reproduce only a small part of what may happen in operation, and they do not guarantee operating safety (see SAFETY ISSUES for more details)

Moreover, these actions are very costly as they imply the stop of production.

The continuous transient monitoring with HYDROSURGE software

HYDROSURGE software uses innovative algorithms to perform signal processing and carry out a real-time hydro diagnosis from each captured transient. Thus allowing the detection of the risks and bringing them under control. To get hydraulic information from pressure measurements, HYDROSURGE software comprises a set of four modules which each deals with specific aspects :

Data Conversion Module DCM

Signal Processing Module SPM

Overload Detection Module  ODM

Root Cause Module RCM

The SPM algorithms come out of GIPSA Lab exclusive research, while ODM and RCM algorithms are based on the field experience gained for many years of test and monitoring of pressure transient in penstocks.

HYDROSURGE provides a barrier against rupture risks of penstocks

  • HYDROSURGE solution leads to a deep understanding of any pressure overloads due to the transient phenomenon.

It will be possible to clearly identify any faulty component acting on the hydro transients during the running of the plant.

  • HYDROSURGE allows condition-based safety maintenance and decision support by performing early transient faults detection and highlighting faulty component (see Root Cause Module)
  • HYDROSURGE brings operating support to set up work around measures to keep the turbine operating after transient faults detection while awaiting curative maintenance.
  • HYDROSURGE suggests solutions to correct design aspect of keys components involved in critical transient phenomena in order to eliminate faulty behavior.

HYDROSURGE is a powerful tool enabling to reduce the production stop and maximizing operators bottom lines.