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Signal Processing Module (SPM)

For each hydraulic events, SPM processes the continuous stream of pressure data measured

Data processing of transient is a vectorization of the pressure-time signal captured for each water hammer or cyclical phenomenon. Signal wave forms are analyzed automatically in real-time independently of the penstock configuration. Exhaustive hydraulic parameters are extracted from the signal, allowing automatic analysis & diagnosis carried out by other modules of HYDROSURGE (ODM and RCM).

Diagnosis-driven data processing of transient  pressure-time signal

The Signal Processing Module (SPM) processes the signal and extracts, according to hydro transients type,  up to 23 different  hydraulic scalar parameters embedded in the waveform (see the red parts in the figure)

These parameters are used partly by the Overload Detection Module (ODM) to detect any overrun of the admissible pressure along the entire water line.

All other parameters are used by the Root Cause Module (RCMto perform the hydro diagnosis.

Thanks to MOTRHYS’s innovative approach of using Phase Diagram Analysis, the robustness of the SPM allows real-time parameter extraction of any signal independently of the penstock or hydraulic equipment.

Analysis of complex pressure transient recordings including several events is carried out thanks to the repetition of the extraction process. Thus, SPM  detects each significant event embedded in the same captured pressure wave signal.


The main input parameters used by the ODM allow detecting any risk symptoms as :

  • Maximum pressure reached,
  • Wave water hammer propagation along the penstock,
  • Water column separation caused by a pressure drop propagation and cavitation along the penstock
  •  Abnormal cyclical nature of the pressure fluctuations and penstock resonance.