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Monitoring and operational diagnostics in hydro power plants

MOTRHYS combines years of experience in:

  • Hydro mechanic measurement in hydro power equipment
  • Extensive research in the field of signal processing & ultrasonic pipe flow measurement

Based on this experience, MOTRHYS can provide solutions to analyse and diagnose transient or vibrating mechanical loads experienced by all assets of an hydro-power plant and more specifically penstocks.

a) PENSTOCKS: service delivery

  • Temporary pressure monitoring: MOTRHYS organizes during a few months a customized monitoring. All hydraulic pressure transients experienced by the penstock are captured and analyzed. An audit report is provided to the owner including advice to ensure the long-term reliability of the operating. See Penstock pressure fluctuations monitoring for more details.
  • Post failure diagnosis: MOTRHYS carries out desk-review based on technical documents to look for hydraulic causes which have led to damage hydro mechanical equipment: assessment of causes & scenarios.
  • Assistance in special hydromechanical testing: MOTRHYS offers support for the organization of in-situ diagnostic tests on hydro-mechanical equipment: recommendations on the parameters to survey; types of tests to conduct for diagnosing the cause of a problem encountered in operation.

b) PENSTOCKS: HYDROSURGE software for pressure monitoring

  •  MOTRHYS provides softwares for pressure data analysis-oriented real-time and continuous surveillance. This supply includes modules or complete software solution.  See HYDROSURGE for more détails.

c) ULTRASONIC FLOW ANALYSIS- service delivery

  • MOTRHYS provides flow speed profile determination by means of ultrasonic measurement in instationary conditions.

See flow metering for more details.

If you require further information about any of our solutions please do get in touch