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Signal processing:

Applications of Transient Signal Analysis using the Concept of Recurrence Plot Analysis: 2017.

Ultrasonic measurements

[1] I. Murgan, C. Ioana, I. Candel, A. Anghel, B. Reeb, G. Combes, “(A new time of flight) Acoustic flow meter using wideband signals and adaptive beamforming techniques”, 28th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, Grenoble, 2016.

[2] I Murgan, I Candel, C Ioana, A Digulescu, F Bunea, GD Ciocan, A Anghel, “Flow velocity profiling using acoustic time of flight flow metering based on wideband signals and beamforming techniques”, 28th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, Grenoble, 2016.

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ABIUS software ©

ABIUS © Grenoble INP/ Patented software, under exploitation by MOTRHYS.  Ioana, I. Candel, T. Petrut, “ABIUS: Adaptive Beamforming for Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Sensors”, Version 1.0 of March 2016. Protected reference of French APP: IDDN.FR.001.130038.000.S.P.2016.000.3123.

ABIUS software has been developed by GIPSA-lab in the FUI « Smart Hydro-Monitoring” framework, co-labeled by TENERRDIS and MINALOGIC research

Penstocks  monitoring:

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